Phase 2 Introduction

We asked in Phase 1: Thinking of how the world will look like in 2034, how do we ensure that our graduates will be successful in their future?

You can view all the ideas submitted here. We have categorized your thoughts into 4 common themes:

  1. Learning Experiences such as Nature-Based Learning and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and arts).
  2. Learning for Transfer such as Literacy, Numeracy, and the curriculum.
  3. Wellness & Wellbeing such as Mental Health, Mindfulness, and Social Skills.
  4. Learning Competencies such as Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Real-Life Skills

What's next in Phase 2:

  1. What should we start, stop or continue doing to make sure we meet these 2034 thematic goals? Add your voice here.
  2. Review our foundational documents. Do you see the themes above being addressed? Take our quick poll here.
    1. Policy 1 - Division Foundational Statements
    2. Policy 16 - Welcoming, Safe, Caring, Inclusive, and Respectful Learning Environments
    3. Vision 2034 - Coherence Framework
  3. We want to know about your lived experience with Foothills School Division’s safe, caring and inclusive learning environments as well as your learning experiences. You are welcome to share your story here or submit to
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Consultation has concluded

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